OUR SAY: More good news for Bundaberg

NEWSPAPERS are renowned for spruiking bad news and who would blame us?

Bad news sells, that's why it's nice to be able to be positive once in a while, especially when it is a story promoting the wonderful Bundaberg region.

Today's front page story shows just how far the region has come since the floods.

People are a lot more positive and it's showing in all of the reviews about the region. I must admit when I first came to Bundaberg I was a little sceptical. I loved Gympie and being close to the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

But in six months I have really warmed to Bundy.

Actually I have fallen in love with the town.

I spent last weekend in Brisbane visiting the family but the whole time I found myself pining for the Rum City. We have everything here without the crazy traffic and long queues.

As an out of towner I can tell you without hesitation that Bundaberg is a great place and it's about time people started talking the region up instead of whinging about what's not here.