KNOWING: Intuitive Denise Campbell said last night’s super moon will bring new beginnings.
KNOWING: Intuitive Denise Campbell said last night’s super moon will bring new beginnings. Jordan Philp

Super moon offers new start for those in need of change

MOTHER Earth is connected to Father Sky and Hervey Bay intuitive Denise Campbell can't rule out a link between yesterday's lunar eclipse and super moon and the opening of a massive sinkhole that swallowed a car, a caravan and a campervan at Inskip Point on the weekend.

"The sinkhole is all part of it," she said.

She urged people on the Fraser Coast to embrace the opportunity to perform a moon ritual if they were in need of a change or new beginning, especially since the moon had recently completed a lunar eclipse and was closer to the Earth in its orbit.

She said people could stand out under the moon and ask the universe to finish the path that they were on and ask for something new.

"A lunar eclipse is a good time to make a change," she said.

Ms Campbell said she came from a background of gypsies and white witches, but considered herself more of an intuitive.

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She works with Tarot cards and enjoys doing readings to help people find their paths.

Ms Campbell said some people performed full rituals during unusual lunar events, dressing in robes and "calling in four directions".

She didn't believe the lunar eclipse signalled the end of the world, but said it could signal a shift in people's thinking or attitudes.

She encouraged people to put out positive messages to the universe in order to achieve what they wanted to achieve.

"If you put it out there, you're going to get it back," she said.

Glenys Hill, owner of Tinana store Feel Good Light Body Soul, said she didn't feel the super moon or the lunar eclipse signalled the end of the world.

"It's a change in thinking," she said.

"It's a change is how people perceive their surroundings and an opportunity to change."

Ms Hill said if more people paid attention to the skies, the world would be in better shape.

She said Mercury was currently in retrograde, which lead to miscommunication and misunderstandings.

"There can be communication difficulties and computers are slow," she said.

Changes in the moon could impact on different people in different ways, she said.

"People can become more aggressive," she said.

"Whatever their traits are, they become more pronounced."

Ms Hill said she believed the changes in the sky were linked to the natural events the region was experiencing, such as earthquakes and sinkholes.

"Mother Earth is shifting," she said.

Ms Hill urged people to remember that we are all connected and what whatever we do could have significant impacts on both the Earth and each other.

In need of a moon ritual?

You don't have to be naked for moon bathing, so don't worry about scaring the neighbours.

All you need to do is take a walk under the moon and gaze up at the brilliance of the moon for as long as you can, basking in its energy.

You can take your moon bathing to the next level by making it an all-night event.

If it's warm enough, take a sleeping bag or blanket and set it up under the canopy of sparkling stars and the glowing full moon.

Take time to just bask in the light; you can meditate or pray, but just be sure to let the peace and beauty of the moon soak into your body and soul while you sleep. You'll wake up refreshed and rejuvenated.