Clive Palmer's United Australia Party Campaign ad
Clive Palmer's United Australia Party Campaign ad Clive Palmer UAP

Money on Clive Palmer to win 100 seats: from 14 people

FOURTEEN people agree with Clive Palmer. Yep, that's right.

Fourteen punters with online bookmaker have placed bets on the Palmer United Party winning 100 or more seats at the upcoming Federal Election.

Paying a lazy $1,001 to crack a century in the House of Representatives, the following punters stand to enjoy a handsome pay day should PUP pull off the feat:

1. There's been eight $1.00 bets with each punter standing to collect $1,001

2. One $20 wager with the return to be a cool $20,020

3. Two $5.00 bets, one $3.00 wager and a single 30 cent punt

PUP not winning 100 or more seats on September 7 is at the shortest possible odds of $1.001.

"It was a big claim but at least 14 punters agree with Clive. It might take a few more to get PUP over the line though,"'s Ben Hawes said.

HOW DO YOU RATE CLIVE'S CHANCES? LEAVE YOUR COMMENT BELOW has several other PUP related markets, offering $4.00 for the party to win a seat and $1.18 for them to go home empty handed.

Mr Palmer himself faces a massive task to win the seat of Fairfax, priced at $7.00 to do so, well behind the Coalition, who are the $1.09 favourites.

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Will Clive Palmer win 100 seats?
$1,001             Yes
$1.001             No   

Will PUP win any seats?
No                   $1.18
Yes                   $4.00

Total seats PUP will win
$1.08   Zero
$6.00   One
$9.00   Two
$11      Three or more

$1.09   Coalition        
$7.00   PUP                 
$13      Labor              
$34      Greens            
$41      KAP                 
$51      Any other 

Federal Election winner
$1.14   Coalition        
$5.50   Labor