Kershaw Gardens
Kershaw Gardens Lynette Foster

Mobile drug lab in duffel bag found in popular gardens

A MAN chased by police was located in Kershaw Gardens with a clandestine drug laboratory in his duffel bag.

Thomas Peter Smith, 35, was sentenced on Friday to one year and seven months prison for the mobile drug lab.

It will be served after the one year and nine months sentence Smith received for robbery in May.

Crown prosecutor Hamish McIntyre said when police grabbed Smith in the gardens on September 4, 2016, he had enough iodine to produce about 11.23g of methamphetamines.

He said there were 44 items in the bag with some other substances that could be used to make even more meth.

The court heard Smith came to the attention of police when he was parked in "an unusual spot" in the early hours of the morning and when police approached his vehicle, he drove off.

His car was located at the gardens and a dog squad used to locate him.

Smith pleaded guilty to producing meth, along with five charges of possessing drug making materials.

Defence barrister Jordan Ahlstrand said despite Smith's lengthy criminal history which mostly involved drugs, he had a "relatively impressive work record".

He said there was a six-year no offending period where he wasn't using drugs, but that changed when his second defacto relationship collapsed.

Smith was given parole eligibility on Friday.