My Kitchen Rules starts and Hervey Bay personalities Dan and Steph Mulheron.
My Kitchen Rules starts and Hervey Bay personalities Dan and Steph Mulheron.

MKR STAR: ‘I won’t put up with bullies again’

IT WAS an explosive night on MKR as Romel and Sophia walked out of fellow contestants' Jac and Shaz's instant restaurant.

The dramatic storm out was a result of Hervey Bay dad Dan Mulheron asking the pair to apologise to everyone at the table for "treating people like rubbish."

Dan told the Chronicle, after being bullied as a child, he wasn't willing to sit by and watch others be insulted.

"Between courses everyone was trying not to make eye contact hoping to not be the next person attacked," he said.

"Being put in that environment, it didn't sit well with me."

Dan said the tipping point was watching the situation affect his wife Steph.

"Before I said anything there was such an uneasy feeling at the table and it was affecting Steph and making her not want to be there," he said.

"It is my job as her husband to protect her and make her feel comfortable."

The couple said they were surprised that the simple request for an apology caused such a reaction.

"I didn't expect them to walk out," Steph said.

"They sat around for so long saying awful things, I thought they would cop it on the chin and stop with the rubbish," Dan added.

"It was a real shock when they walked."

Dan said he hoped his actions would inspire younger viewers of the show to stand up to "bullies".

"I was accused of having a hidden agenda," he said.

"There is no hidden agenda, I am against bullies.

"I think that is a good message for people to see."

MKR: The Rivals continues tonight at 7.30pm on Seven.