A scene from the explosive episode of MKR
A scene from the explosive episode of MKR

MKR sex scandal: ‘You have no idea’

MY KITCHEN Rules star Romel Kouyan says the footage that made it to air exposing the secret relationship between Victor Aeberli and Piper O'Neill barely scratched the surface of the drama that unfolded around the scandal during filming.

Kouyan, who is competing on the 10th anniversary season alongside friend Ibby Moubadderand, told Confidential: "It was f---ing full-on, you have no idea."

Contestant Veronica Cristovao dropped the bombshell on Monday night's episode about her teammate, former beauty queen and newly separated Sydney mother O'Neill, and Melbourne barman Aeberli during a heated argument about strategic scoring, following the last elimination cook-off that saw Lyn Ellbourn and Sal Caputo sent packing.

MKR contestants Veronica Cristovao and Piper O'Neill
MKR contestants Veronica Cristovao and Piper O'Neill



MKR contestants Victor Aeberli, 28, and G, 30
MKR contestants Victor Aeberli, 28, and G, 30


"When she leaves at night-time and goes into his bed, I don't know what is said," Cristovao said at the table at Josh and Austin Bonwicksay's super dinner party.

But Kouyan said Cristovao had made an innocent mistake, not realising the cameras were still rolling when she revealed her friend's secret.

He said O'Neill had previously told him off-camera after a few drinks that she was sleeping with Aeberli, and the group all knew about it before filming the episode but had agreed not to mention it on camera as she had children.

"Leading up to that big fight there was a lot of tension brewing off-screen, and we had all spoken and said, 'when we get to table let's talk about the truth, get it off our chests, apologise and move on - let's wait for the cameras'," he said.

"But (when Cristovao let slip) we were all stunned, to be completely honest with you."

He said the group's gripe was with O'Neill's "lying", leading Aeberli to believe the group had scored strategically against his team - which was not the case - and causing him to cut off all the other contestants he was once close to.

"There was so much going on off-camera - people were moving floors in the hotel, Victor and G were travelling separately to everyone else," he said.


MKR contestant Piper O'Neill behind the scenes
MKR contestant Piper O'Neill behind the scenes


Judge Manu Feildel told Confidential he was tired of the drama, and his job was to try food, not be a psychologist or psychiatrist for the group.

"I feel like I am a dad or a teacher with a group of students," he said.

"We always advise them that being friends is one thing, but hanging out 24/7 is another, and it's not healthy for themselves or the competition.

"The people that win every year are the ones that keep to themselves and practise cooking on their days off, and if I could win $250,000 I would be the one that works."

Feildel said he felt enough was enough when it came to the contestants bickering.

"Let's get it back to the food," he said.

When asked what he knew of O'Neill and Aeberli's relationship, he said: "All I know is we got word of it at the time (it was exposed at the table).

"I steer well away from it, I'm not interested to know any more - I'm not a gossiper.

"For me friendship is one thing, but I think they need to concentrate on the reality and why they are there in the first place."

O'Neill previously told Who magazine Aeberli was her best friend on the show.

"We had a lot in common," she told the magazine.

"I think both of us - even though we can both be very outgoing people - we also have a bit of a quiet side to ourselves, and when you're around so many outgoing people, it was nice to just step away and hang out with somebody who you could just be yourself with and just be normal and step outside the MKR bubble."

Confidential has reached out to Channel 7 for comment.