Lee Maree Burke: Queen Luna just had four adorable babies.
Lee Maree Burke: Queen Luna just had four adorable babies.

Who is the sassiest kitty of them all?

WE LOVE asking our readers to share photos of their cats with us.

We did just that recently when we asked for photos of Bundaberg's sassiest cats.

Our Facebook page was filled with beautiful felines filled with copious amounts of catitude.

But a poll decided there was one kitty who was the sassiest of them all, and her name is Luna.

"Our sassy girl Luna is is about eight months old now," said owner Lee Maree Burke.

"When we got her at three months old she wasn't overly friendly and was quite scared to be around people and the other animals.

"As time went on she became friendlier and is now such a beautiful affectionate cat who loves cuddles and will flip over right in front of you for tummy rubs."

Luna also recently became a mum.

"She has recently had four beautiful kittens and is such a wonderful mother to them," Ms Burke said.

"She loves all the other animals and is fine with them around her babies also.

"She spends her days hunting, looking after her babies, getting cuddles from everyone, eating and just laying around like the queen of the castle."


Luna's gorgeous babies.
Luna's gorgeous babies.