Kolan South State School principal Jeff Searle is celebrating 25 years as principal this year.
Kolan South State School principal Jeff Searle is celebrating 25 years as principal this year.

MILESTONE: South Kolan principal celebrates 25 years in job

WHEN Jeff Searle began his career as a teacher in 1981, he didn't have aspirations of becoming a principal - but after landing his first teaching principal role in 1984 he hasn't looked back.

This year Mr Searle will mark a milestone 25 years as principal of Kolan South State School.

He began his first teaching principal role was at Kynuna in 1984.

Teaching runs in Mr Searle's family and his father was also a school principal.

"I made the decision (to become a teacher) fairly late in high school," he said.

"I come from a teaching family, that had a bit an influence and my father was a school principal.

"So I decided to go into teaching and it's certainly grown on me over the years of my career, I've stayed as a teaching principal because I particularly love the teaching side."

Mr Searle said he loved being part of small communities.

"As teaching principal in those schools I've enjoyed that role interacting with the staff, parents, community and students," he said.

"I do really enjoy teaching so it's something I haven't wanted to lose as well as having the privilege of having an important role in the school community as principal to help improve the school for the community and hopefully provide something important to our local community."

He said over the years one of the biggest changes in education has come in the form of technology.

"I remember when I started at the one teacher school in 1984, they had just gotten an Apple 2 computer and that was quite amazing, not many schools even had a computer," he said.

"They were certainly a far cry from what we've got today, it (technology) changes the way we can offer learning to students."

Mr Searle said the most rewarding thing about being in the role was seeing the students enjoying their schooling.

He said it was also special seeing his past students bringing their kids to Kolan South State School.

"We've got quite a few parents that bring their children here that I knew as students and even one of our staff was one of my students," he said.

"For them to want to bring their children to the school it's very nice, and it's a big part of the relationships you have with your families and seeing happy family and students.

"They're very proud of this school and for them to bring their children to a school they've been to is very nice."