Microsoft confirms Xbox One voice launch rumours

AUSTRALIA won't have a fully functioning Xbox One at launch.

Last week IGN Australia reported that many of the XBOX One's voice commands wouldn't be available at launch here in Australia.

Microsoft head of product development Albert Penello recently commented that voice localisation was most likely to blame, though this had not been confirmed as the definitive reason behind the delay.

Today Microsoft released word that IGN's original report was indeed true and that only five of the 13 release countries would have full functionality.

"Our vision is to bring conversational voice control and voice search to every country where we sell Xbox," said a Microsoft spokesperson

"At Xbox One launch, we will offer voice control in 10 of our 13 launch markets with eight total languages: English US, English UK, French, Spanish MX, Spanish ES, Italian, German and Portuguese."

"There will be some voice experience variations in different markets at launch; the "Xbox On" voice command will only be available in five markets (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France and Germany) and will come to others in the near future."

"There are many complexities associated with delivering a great voice experience around the world, and we're working hard to add more voice features and more countries; we'll share more details in the future."