4wd driver allegedly rammed bush-bashing buggy buddies

A GROUP of six mates who were bush bashing along goat tracks near Noonamah in an off-road buggy were allegedly rammed by a man driving a four-wheel-drive, who went on to pull a knife, the Supreme Court has heard.

Michael Stephen Ferguson, of Noonamah, yesterday pleaded not guilty to 10 charges including recklessly endangering serious harm, aggravated assault and engaging in conduct giving rise to a danger of death.

Crown Prosecutor Tami Grealy said the six mates - some of whom were relatives - were driving in the bush around the rural area on the night of December 10, 2017, when Ferguson repeatedly rammed them with his Toyota Landcruiser after the group strayed onto his property.

Ms Grealy told the jury they would hear evidence that two of the group were thrown from the buggy before the group scattered into bushland.

Barrister Tom Berkley, defending, said he expected the jury would reject the Crown case, which he said relied on witnesses who "gilded the lily too much".

"The whole issue of the credibility of the Crown's witnesses is in issue," Mr Berkley said.

"We will be saying that the witnesses are, on the whole, giving an account that isn't true."

Buggy driver Corey Jenkins told the court the group packed an Esky of drinks in the tray of the buggy before setting out for an evening of aimless driving around "bush tracks and goat tracks".

Mr Jenkins said he realised he might have been on someone's property when he spotted a bore and heard barking dogs, shortly before he "saw (Ferguson) through the bush coming straight towards me".

After the collision, Mr Jenkins said his brother - who was one of the passengers - "just screamed: 'Go, go, go.' "

He said his niece - also a passenger - was "holding onto my arm screaming".

After being thrown from the buggy he came to and ran.

"I thought I was next," he said. The trial continues.