Anthony Charles Hess has been released on bail but is banned from racing greyhounds for now.
Anthony Charles Hess has been released on bail but is banned from racing greyhounds for now. File

Meth-infused greyhound claims spark bail dogfight

A GREYHOUND trainer will keep his animals for now after allegedly giving dogs a notorious illegal stimulant to speed them up at races.

Ipswich man Anthony Charles Hess's dogs had "methylamphetamine in their system", a prosecutor claimed on Tuesday.

Mr Hess is contesting the allegations, which include fraud and drug charges.

And a dispute emerged at court on Tuesday about the trainer's proposed bail conditions.

Defence lawyer Andrew Owens told Brisbane Supreme Court it was unnecessary to make Mr Hess "essentially forfeit his seven greyhounds".

He said Mr Hess's other bail conditions, including bans on racing and on possessing illegal drugs, removed any possible risk of the dogs being doped.

Mr Owens said a better bail condition would be simply banning the Camira man from having "further dogs".

But citing animal welfare considerations, the Crown insisted Mr Hess have no contact with the existing seven dogs.

Justice Peter Applegarth said even if one assumed Mr Hess had drugged the dogs, the Crown was confronted by the argument Mr Hess "didn't do that for fun".

The judge said he was sympathetic to animal welfare but other bail conditions meant "no motive" likely remained for Mr Hess to drug dogs.

"So why can't he feed his seven dogs?" the judge asked.

Justice Applegarth said Mr Hess can take his dogs for a walk but he's not to race them.

He said the relevant dogs must be identified with "appropriate precision" and they might have names.

Citing a famous pet from The Simpsons, the judge suggested a moniker for one: Santa's Little Helper.

Last month, Queensland Racing Integrity Commission said it suspended Mr Hess's greyhound training licence.

The commission said Mr Hess was accused of doping dogs with ice "to gain a race day advantage and win prize or wagering money".  -NewsRegional