LOCKED UP: Justin Anthony Dodd, 37, will be eligible for parole in 2019.
LOCKED UP: Justin Anthony Dodd, 37, will be eligible for parole in 2019. Zach Hogg BUN110814CRT3

Meth addict commits crime spree weeks after jail release

A MAN who was back on ice within weeks of being released from prison, fuelling a crime spree that included the theft of two cars and the serious assault a police officer, is behind bars again.

Justin Anthony Dodd, 37, was sentenced in Bundaberg Magistrates Court yesterday after pleading guilty to 11 charges, including two of break and enter and one each of possessing dangerous drugs and wilful damage.

"You returned to your drug use, which was methamphetamine, you lost your job and then you lost your way,” Magistrate Belinda Merrin said during sentencing.

Dodd was on parole when Christmas Day celebrations deteriorated and, intoxicated, he charged at a family member during an altercation after police had been called.

Dodd was aware the female officer was in his path when he ran at the family member, knocking her to the ground at Deception Bay.

Ms Merrin said after being arrested, Dodd was again given the benefit of the doubt and released on bail before he stole two cars, the first from Morayfield and the second from Tansey.

"Instead of taking advantage of that opportunity and taking the wake up call that should have been, you continued your offending,” she said.

"On the 31st of December you broke into a house, stole a car, drove that until you crashed it, walked away from that car and broke into someone else's home, stole a set of car keys and again drove their car until you abandoned it.”

"At the time you had no licenced and were effected by methamphetamine.”

"That spree of offending was only stopped when police found you, arrested you and you were returned to custody.”

Dodd was arrested in Eidsvold on January 1.

He will serve another year and nine months before becoming eligible for parole on January 1, 2019.