METAL PUNK: Odysseus Reborn getting into it.
METAL PUNK: Odysseus Reborn getting into it.

Metal and punk in the local spotlight

OUR day to day music scene is very visible, but there are smaller groups and projects always working in the background, usually on gigs that suit an alternative or niche genre.

One of these are the ever-hardworking Crowned Ruckus Presents, the local purveyors of all things metal and punk.

CRP was originally the brainchild of members of SoothSayer, and were loosely based at what was then Banjo's Tavern.

The torch was passed on a couple of years ago to the current operators who are members of local metal band Odysseus Reborn.

CRP have been steadily putting on shows at the Railway Hotel, the Globe and The Grand Hotel since the handover, and they deserve some props as what they do is done for their love of metal music.

CRP shows usually have four bands on each night, with a mix of local and visiting bands coming together.

They charge a $10 fee at the door and the takings are split between the bands.

They're not usually paid any extra by the venue.

Realistically, they need an absolute minimum of 120 people through the door just to break even, and whilst some gigs have made it, not all do... yet they remain undeterred and continue on.

While the music on offer isn't to everybody's taste, these shows are great examples of how hard it is, and how hard bands work, to get their original music out there for the public to hear.

If you truly support original music, call past and catch a set at their next show, even if it's just for pre-drinks before you head out.

These guys are some of the hardest working in our region.