Gold Coast-based fitness trainer Daniel Wilson, pictured here during a recent climb of Mt Warning, has died, aged 37. Picture: Facebook
Gold Coast-based fitness trainer Daniel Wilson, pictured here during a recent climb of Mt Warning, has died, aged 37. Picture: Facebook

Queensland’s Metafit guru dies at 37

ONE of Australia's leading fitness gurus has died aged just 37.

Daniel Wilson, who brought commando-style exercise routine Metafit to Australia and the US, succumbed to stomach cancer last week just two months after being diagnosed with the disease.

The Gold Coast-based trainer revealed on social media in March that he had been diagnosed with stage 3 gastric cancer despite his healthy lifestyle and no history of the disease.

Just weeks ago, he posted Facebook photos of him and a friend making the gruelling climb to the summit of Mt Warning in northern NSW.

"Two rounds of chemotherapy complete. Round 3 tomorrow and Tuesday. Experienced some fatigue, nausea and hair loss so far. But staying strong and positive - still training hard and working when I can," he wrote.

"Great chemo prep climbing Mt Warning this morning."

Gold Coast-based fitness trainer Daniel Wilson, pictured here during a recent climb of Mt Warning, has died, aged 37. Picture: Facebook
Gold Coast-based fitness trainer Daniel Wilson, pictured here during a recent climb of Mt Warning, has died, aged 37. Picture: Facebook

Mr Wilson had more than 20 years' experience in the fitness industry from personal training through to sales and marketing roles.

He brought Metafit - a 30-minute body weight high intensity interval training (HIIT) routine - to Australia after it was developed in 2010 by a former Royal Marine commando and an international gymnast.

Mr Wilson was director of Metafit Asia Pacific and USA.

Social media tributes have been flowing for the fitness guru, who was described as a 'beast' and a 'Hercules' with the heart of a warrior.

"Such a loss, for his family, friends and for the fitness community," one follower posted.

"He was so positive and so damn brave. I'm gutted."

One of Mr Wilson's close friends and fitness disciples, Helen Kontogiannis, penned a touching tribute on Facebook.

"The world lost an exceptional man this week," she wrote. "The Metafit community around the globe lost a passionate leader and educator and I, along with many many others, lost a caring friend.

"You were one of the best humans I've ever known Dan, and I'm so grateful I got to tell you that before you left this earth.

"Your mindset and attitude towards life and living was incredible, and you had a way of putting a positive spin on even the most daunting and unfairest of situations … like your shock gastric cancer diagnosis at 37 years young.

"While the rest of us were reeling with disbelief that this insidious disease was attacking your strong, powerful body, you simply got on with things. Did your research. Started a gruelling chemo schedule. Set yourself new goals. Kept up your training. Continued to operate the many branches of your successful fitness and allied health business. Started an online support group, and bravely shared your experience with the aim of educating and spreading awareness about chronic illness and disease.

Daniel Wilson.
Daniel Wilson.

"You were determined to deliver a powerful message from the outset of your diagnosis - that being fit and healthy won't guarantee the prevention of all disease, but it sure as hell can prepare you to fight for your life should you ever need to.

"And fight you did. With positivity, resilience, and BELIEF every step of the way. And that's what made us all believe that if anyone could slay this beast, it would be the man with the warrior's heart, like yours.

"You were a friend and mentor who was a wonderful support to me, both in business and in friendship.

"The friendly, easygoing Coach that greeted everyone before class with that big smile and twinkle in his eyes disappeared as soon as the warm up started and you drilled us to the bone and caned our arses to HIIT hell and back. Always passionate about keeping it simple, keeping it true and keeping it HIIT, you never once waivered in your belief or lowered the standards or expectations of the Metafit program or the coaches you trained to deliver it.

"You were a friend who always had time for me, and you made a impact when you comforted and inspired me with some incredibly special words when I was going through a difficult time after my dad passed.

"Empowering, thoughtful reminders that have stayed with me ever since and which I'll forever be thankful for. I only wish there was some way I could pay it forward to your grieving family and friends right now, and find the same comforting words to share with them.

"I missed our Melbourne coffee catch ups when you moved to your dream house in Queensland with your beautiful (partner) Temara, and now, I'll miss our funny text messages and phone banter forevermore.

"Thank you for always backing me, for always believing in me, and for always being in my corner. For picking me up and kicking my butt whenever I doubted myself, and for reminding me of my purpose and passion every time I stumbled or lost my way.

"You educated, inspired and changed SO many lives during your short time with us, and I honestly wish you could have just stayed and kept shining your light doing what you love every single day.

"This world needs more people in it with the integrity and heart that you had my friend. I don't understand why the universe thinks it's ok to take that away. I'll never understand it, but I do have to find a way to accept it. Rest easy now Dan. I hope you know what a difference your presence and your friendship made to my world."