A BETTER WORLD: Amy Byrnes is the Hinkler candidate for the Animal Justice Party.
A BETTER WORLD: Amy Byrnes is the Hinkler candidate for the Animal Justice Party. contributed

Meet this party's first ever candidate for Hinkler

THE Animal Justice Party are the latest political group to add a candidate in Hinkler ahead of the federal election.

Amy Byrnes is a committed and compassionate vegan and volunteers to help reunite lost animals with their owners.

"I love this area because we are so close to nature - from parklands and wetlands to the beach. It's special and something we need to protect," Ms Byrnes said.

When she's not volunteering with QLPR or studying for her Bachelor of Digital Media at CQUniversity, Amy dedicates her time to animal advocacy and outreach, educating the public about the abhorrent reality of animal agriculture.

"For so long, animal agriculture industries have operated invisibly and relied on secrecy," she said.

"I like the type of peaceful outreach I do, because I'm able to show members of the public the devastating truth about farmed animals' lives and how industry and governments treat them.

"Responsibility for change cannot be solely placed on consumers though. It's time to hold politicians and industries to account and create new laws and industries. This is why I'm turning my attention to politics."

Ms Byrnes believes in a world where everyone is treated equally, and animals are no longer exploited.

Her main goal in this election is to educate voters on the need for a societal shift to cruelty-free industries, and to provide solutions based on kindness and sustainability.

Ms Byrnes recognises that the division of Hinkler provides a unique opportunity to continue to build its existing plant-based agriculture and to empower the region to thrive.

"We need a government that acknowledges the importance of this region for our food security," she said.

"I'm committed to advocating for local horticulture and local plant-based industries by prioritising its growth."

Ms Byrnes will also fight to stop live animal export, land clearing, animal experimentation and will support renewable energy and the protection of wildlife.

"A better world starts with how we treat other living beings," she said.

"Imagine the Australia we can create..."