THANKS to the generosity of one woman and some volunteers, hundreds of Toowoomba's international students  have food on their plates.

When she heard a list of international students had lost their jobs in Toowoomba due to COVID-19, Cathy Pham's heart went out to them.

"A lot of them have fallen through the cracks of government funding," she said.

"The lost their jobs overnight and can't afford rent and they get no government support.

"It was a little hard to hear how they were struggling."

Ms Pham, who lives in Brisbane, has been running a fruit and vegetable stall at the PCYC markets in Toowoomba for about three years.


Each week she donates the left over food to charities but decided it was time to do something for the struggling students.

"I was approached about it and I thought, leave it with me," she said.

"I decided to supply the fruit and vegetables if they supplied the volunteers to help distribute it.

"I paid for most of it and some was donated.

"All students had to do was show their student ID and they got a box of vegetables, fruit, eggs and bread.

"Unfortunately, we ran out of food by 10am.

"We had catered for about 240 people but over 300 turned up today.

"We do have plans for future events like this.

"I'd like to try and source some rice and pasta but it's hard to source that in Brisbane at the moment."