Although it’s an unofficial menu, McDonald’s patrons can customise their burgers to make unique, and sometimes infamous, creations. Picture: AP/Mike Stewart
Although it’s an unofficial menu, McDonald’s patrons can customise their burgers to make unique, and sometimes infamous, creations. Picture: AP/Mike Stewart

Macca’s items you won’t find on the menu

THE annual McDonald's Monopoly competition is coming to an end next Tuesday - and many a fan has gorged themselves silly on Big Macs, caramel sundaes and the all-day breakfast menu in an effort to win.

But there may be a way to collect those last few tickets and get your hands on one of the prizes on offer that's a bit more fun: Order from the Macca's "secret menu".

Secret menus have always been somewhat of a grapevine rumour. No fast food chain has ever directly acknowledged their existence. In fact, in my mission to order one of the alleged McDonald's burger hacks, I was greeted with a confused expression from the Macca's attendant. Sadly, I was turned away with nothing more than a 10-pack of Chicken McNuggets.

However, the internet is peppered with personal accounts of McDonald's patrons who have successfully cheated their way around the confines of the regular menu. US websites like and detail the unusual food orders at many fast food chains. For Australians, unfortunately the range isn't as extensive.

Thankfully, fast food fanatics have scoured the internet, feasting at McDonald's restaurant after restaurant to procure a glorious array of menu hacks that work for Aussies.

Note: Some assembly may be required. Other items can be ordered from self-serve checkouts.


Arguably the most famous - or infamous depending on your tastebuds - item on the "secret menu" is this monstrosity of a burger. Distastefully named, the mammoth burger combines a Double Cheeseburger with a McChicken.

How to order: Order a Double Cheeseburger and add a McChicken fillet, McChicken sauce and shredded lettuce.


A cow, fish and chicken walk into a McDonald's and are promptly cooked up into a multi-meat mouthful. I wish this was just a bad joke, but this burger includes a beef patty, chicken fillet and fish fillet.

How to order: Take a Big Mac, add a chicken fillet, a fish fillet and a whole bucket of shame. Presto! You have a meat monstrosity.


This time Sesame Street's Big Bird walked into a McDonald's and met his grisly end. This burger substitutes the buns for even more chicken to become the Big Mac's protein counterpart.

How to order: Order a Big Mac, lose the buns and add three (yes, THREE!) chicken fillets. For this one, the self-serve checkouts will give the best results with less judgment from other customers within earshot.


Want a Big Mac for less? This knock-off burger gives you the same flavour for less money.

How to order: Order a Double Cheeseburger, minus the pickles and tomato sauce, and add special Big Mac sauce, lettuce and onion.


A Big Mac with a side of high cholesterol and heart disease. This burger brags no less than eight beef patties. Good luck unhinging your jaw trying to eat this beast.

How to order: Order a Big Mac with eight patties.


If you're in luck and your local Macca's has touch screen self-serve options, you may notice that you can swap out your burger bun for a lettuce leaf instead. Effectively, your burger is now a lettuce wrap.

How to order: Choose your burger and substitute buns for lettuce.