Mayor Jack Dempsey meets with former Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk to discuss Bundaberg's role in an Olympic future.
Mayor Jack Dempsey meets with former Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk to discuss Bundaberg's role in an Olympic future. Contributed

Mayor's plan to bring Olympians to the Bundaberg region

MAYOR Jack Dempsey says Bundaberg is the Goldilocks region - it's not too big, it's not too small, it's just right.

That's why he thinks we should lock in gold by being part of the 2023 Brisbane Olympics bid.

Meeting recently with former Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk, Cr Dempsey, who is the Bundaberg executive for the Local Government Association of Queensland, said he was keen to get the ball rolling on making Bundaberg a training centre for Olympic athletes.

"If successful (in the Olympics bid), we talked about the Bundaberg region potentially being a venue for events such as rowing and sailing," Cr Dempsey said.

"We also discussed building infrastructure for training facilities in Bundaberg for teams to potentially be based here in the lead-up to the games."

Cr Dempsey said there was a perfect combination of factors for the proposal.

He cites reasons such as lower costs than big cities, a perfect climate, low cyclone danger and a closeness to Brisbane.

Then there's the peace and quiet of what Cr Dempsey says is a community with "a very liveable climate and an amicable community isloated enough from main city centres".

"Bundaberg certainly ticks a lot of boxes," he said.

Cr Dempsey said the move, if successful, would bring ambassadors and consular generals to the region, further highlighting all Bundaberg has to offer on a global stage.

He said it fits with his mission to bring as many ambassadors to the region as possible, which he said he has done in his time as mayor.

So what would happen to the facilities after the Olympics, if Brisbane wins the bid and it's ready, set, go for Bundy's part of the plan?

"The facilities then get used on a state and national side as well," Cr Dempsey says.

"Other nations can come here and use them."

Cr Dempsey said if the project was successful, it would be a case of states and territories working together without extra pressure on ratepayers.

While costings haven't be locked in as yet, Cr Dempsey believes the financial benefit to he region would be significant.
"When this happens in other places it's many millions of dollars," he said.

The idea of an Olympic bid from Queensland has, in part, been created and spearheaded by Mr Quirk.