Mariah Carey shines at her highly-anticipated Aussie concert

POWERHOUSE performer Mariah Carey didn't disappoint her massive loyal fan base at her first Australian concert on Tuesday night at The Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre by opening her anticipated show with her theme song Can't Take That Away.

The diva, who is here for a series of three concerts, opened her performance in a figure hugging white spangly mini-dress and immediately set the tone with her multi-octave voice.

"Happy New Year," she yelled to the adoring 4502 pumped concert goers - who she affectionately calls her "lambs".

She recalled an earlier visit to Australia before singing her hit song Butterfly on a white chaise lounge.

"I had the best time in my life here the last time I was here, the dolphins even the Vegemite I had the best time it was like a freeing time in my life - I'm not just saying that."


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