IN COURT: Jeremy Hugh Coyte was fined after police found drugs in his car at Chermside.
IN COURT: Jeremy Hugh Coyte was fined after police found drugs in his car at Chermside.

Man’s rude gesture after police check on him in car

A COURT has heard how a man turned to drugs for comfort after the breakdown of his relationship.

Jeremy Hugh Coyte, 38, pleaded guilty in Bundaberg Magistrates Court on Friday to six offences including possessing dangerous drugs and unlawful possession of a weapon.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Tina Bland told the court on May 24 police were in a carpark at Chermside in Brisbane where they could see a blue sedan parked with a man sitting in the driver’s seat.

They also heard the engine revving.

When police approached the car they saw the man asleep and made attempts to wake him.

When Coyte woke up he gave both officers the finger.

Police gained entry to the car and arrested the man before searching the car.

Inside the car they found marijuana and 2g of meth.

They also found a series of pipes and a set of scales.

On May 27, police searched Coyte’s Bundaberg home where they found an air rifle and marijuana.

Sen Const Bland told the court Coyte was on probation at the time.

Coyte’s lawyer Rian Dwyer told the court his client was on his way home to Bundaberg after a 60th in Brisbane but stopped to sleep as he was tired.

Mr Dwyer said the drugs were for personal use and the air rifle was something he just had.

He said Coyte’s criminal history only started in 2019 after he turned to drugs for comfort following the breakdown of a relationship.

Mr Dwyer said Coyte was seeking assistance for his drug issue.

Magistrate Andrew Moloney took into account the man’s plea of guilty and that he was co-operative with police.

He accepted that Coyte was startled when woken by police.

“Reading between the lines you turned to drugs to try and make yourself feel better, but you made things worse,” he said.

Coyte was fined a total of $1400 and no convictions were recorded.