Emergency department at Hervey Bay Hospital.
Emergency department at Hervey Bay Hospital.

Man who attacked hospital workers dodges jail

A MAN has narrowly avoided jail for a handful of serious assaults against health workers.

Bradley James Spiteri faced Hervey Bay Magistrates Court on eight charges, most of which stemmed from a violent outburst at the Hervey Bay Hospital last December.

The court heard while Spiteri was being cared for at the hospital he attacked two wardsmen who were supervising him.

Spiteri hit one of the men in face with a closed fist.

He then used his forearm to pin the victim against a wall by his throat.

The other wardsman, two nurses and two paramedics separated the pair.

Shortly after, while a nurse was talking to him, he started screaming threats to the wardsmen.

He was told he would be given some medication to calm him down.

Spiteri used a chair to damage monitors and the wall in the hospital room.

He then threw an IV pole across the room and hit another wardsmen with a closed fist between the eyes causing a laceration.

The attack continued with one ward man being charged into a computer desk and another being hit in the face by Spiteri's elbow.

The court heard Spiteri was eventually sedated and restrained.

Police prosecutor Sonia Edwards said Spiteri told police he couldn't recall the incident because he was prone to blackouts and he didn't like male figures of authority.

The defence tendered documents including a psychologist report and personal references.

The court heard that his only memory of the day was using cannabis.

After the incident, he was admitted to the mental health unit and stayed there for a month.

For the four serious assaults he was sentenced to six months in jail, wholly suspended for 18 months

For the remaining charges he given 18 months probation.

Convictions were recorded.