Man walks free from jail after police find cash and drugs

A MAN has walked free from jail after spending 10 months behind bars, but has been warned by a Supreme Court judge if he continues to offend, he’ll go away for longer.

Beau William Roberts, 28, pleaded guilty to a number of charges including possess a dangerous drug in excess of 2g in Bundaberg Supreme Court on Tuesday.

The court heard on June 26 last year police executed a search warrant in Morshead St.

When police arrived there were four people inside the home including Roberts who was asleep in one of the bedrooms.

During the search police found a large clip-seal bag with 10.932g of pure methylamphetamine in 17.271g of substance with a purity of 63 per cent.

Police also found three smaller bags of methylamphetamine and 13 sealed envelopes containing 110g of marijuana.

Police also found a plastic storage box of cash in various denominations to the value of $27,890.

Various utensils were also found as well as a 3030 ammunition round and three packets of .22 ammunition.

When questioned about the cash Roberts told police it was from a job and was paid cash from a builder.

Roberts was arrested and taken to the Bundaberg Watch House where he declined to participate in an interview.

The total of methylamphetamine found was 11.159g in 17.717g of substance at 63 per cent purity.

Roberts also pleaded guilty to 10 summary offences including a group where he obtained stolen security cameras.

The cameras were stolen from the Bundaberg RSL in 2018.

The court heard Roberts had called a security company to install the cameras but when checks of the serial numbers were conducted it found they were the ones stolen.

Crown Prosecutor Alexandra Baker submitted to the court there was a commercial element to Roberts’ drug possession.

Roberts’ barrister Callan Cassidy told the court his client was someone who needed supervision when he was allowed back in the community.

The court heard Roberts’ parents separated when he was young and they both had issues with drug use.

Justice Graeme Crow warned Roberts that if he chose to keep offending, he would spend longer periods of time behind bars.

“You spent one month in jail when you were 19, in 2016 you spent three months, five months in 2017 and now 10 months,” he said.

“I hope you can see your future if you continue to commit offences, your time in jail will get longer.”

Roberts was sentenced to two-and-a-half years imprisonment suspended after serving 179 days.

The suspended sentence has an operational period of three years.

179 days of pre-sentence custody was declared as time served and Roberts was immediately released.

Roberts was also ordered to three years probation.