WEAPONS DRAWN: A man has been released on parole after failing to comply with police before they were forced to draw their weapons at him.
WEAPONS DRAWN: A man has been released on parole after failing to comply with police before they were forced to draw their weapons at him.

Man took drugs to ‘keep relationship alive’

A COURT has heard how a man started using drugs to save his relationship with his partner.

The man, 34, pleaded guilty in Bundaberg Magistrates Court to 11 offences including three counts of aggravated contraventions of a domestic violence order.

He also pleaded guilty to what Magistrate Andrew Moloney described as a “serious example” of obstructing police.

The court heard on January 30 police were forced to draw a firearm and taser on the man when he wouldn’t drop a screwdriver that was in his hand.

It was only when the weapons were drawn the man complied.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Grant Klaassen told the court while the obstruct police charge was serious, the DV offences were the most serious.

On three occasions between February and May the man breached a domestic violence order, using actual violence on two occasions.

The court heard the man spat on the aggrieved and also struck her in the face with his forearm.

Sgt Klaassen said the man was on probation at the time for another DV breach against the same alleged victim.

The man’s lawyer Lavonda Maloy told the court her client began using drugs 12 months ago.

Ms Maloy said she was instructed the aggrieved was using and the man began using as well in a desperate bid to keep the relationship going.

Ms Maloy said the man told her he was holding soldering iron when police drew their weapons but accepted he only complied when the weapons were drawn.

She said the man had plans to move away from the area to Tasmania to be with his parents.

Ms Maloy said the man was very remorseful for his actions.

The man, who appeared by video from the Maryborough Correctional Centre and cannot be named for legal reasons, read a letter to the court expressing his remorse saying he was “disgusted” in himself and that he had a learnt his lesson.

Magistrate Andrew Moloney took into account the man’s plea of guilty and also the letter he read to the court.

“It is every police officers nightmare to draw their firearm on someone and your behaviour caused that,” Mr Moloney said.

“It was only when you were presented with the police officer drawing his firearm and taser that you put down the item you had.”

Mr Moloney also took into account the man used actual violence against his partner.

“Some of your comments (at the time) show you were in the grips of using that drug (meth) and you were almost delusional about how it was affecting you,” he said.

The man was sentenced to six months imprisonment with an immediate parole release.

57 days of presentence custody was declared as time served.