Man jailed for domestic violence offence in Cleveland.
Man jailed for domestic violence offence in Cleveland.

Man threatens to kill woman in front of police

A MAN who threatened to kill a woman in front of police broke a watch-house telephone during a court hearing today.

A string of screamed invective and crashing sounds could be heard at the conclusion of the hearing after a 42-year-old man, who can't be named for legal reasons, appeared via phone at the Cleveland Magistrates Court on Monday.

The Nundah man pleaded guilty to aggravated contravention of domestic violence order in a hearing filled with shocking language, at times directed at police.

The court heard the man, who referred to a police prosecutor as a "c***stable" during proceedings, had been arrested after being found some 50 metres from a woman who had taken out a domestic violence order against him.

Police prosecutor Senior Sergeant Duncan Blackburn said the man had become increasingly agitated during his early morning arrest at a popular Cleveland locale where he in a loud voice proclaimed "when I get out I will kill her this time".

At this the defendant laughed and said, "whatever, you say c***stable".

Sen Sgt Blackburn said the man had been previously convicted for violent offending against the aggrieved.

The man had been sentenced to 6 months' jail last year after he destroyed a book rack and punched the woman eight to nine times in the side of the head, causing significant swelling, while calling her a "f*****g dog, maggot scum".

The court heard the man had also told the aggrieved's daughter that he hoped her mother would "die in a hole" during an incident last year.

Magistrate Dehorah Vasta invited the man to listen to bodycam footage captured during today's arrest to confirm his threat to the woman's life - the defendant declined.

Defence solicitor Sarah Pascoe said her client had not been violent during this morning's disturbance and had been invited to the residence by the aggrieved.

Ms Pascoe said the man, who had previously worked on a boat, had been "out of trouble for the last 10 months" and had left the aggrieved's property immediately upon being asked.

The defendant said the falling out had occurred after he told the woman she had bad breath and vowed to stay away from her in future.

"She will never suck me in again; I will never go near her again now" he said.

Magistrate Deborah Vasta said it mattered little that the man had been invited.

"The domestic violence order is there for a reason, we don't just hand these out for no reason," Magistrate Vasta said.

"The problem is you should never have been there to start with."

The man was sentenced to four months' jail, to be suspended after serving one month, over an operational period of 18 months.

His screams of "f**k! f**k! f**k!" concluded proceedings.






Originally published as Man threatens to kill woman in front of police