ROLLOVER: Emergency Services attended a crash at the Rosedale and Quinn Road Junction, Bucca, the same junction where three backpackers died in 2005.
ROLLOVER: Emergency Services attended a crash at the Rosedale and Quinn Road Junction, Bucca, the same junction where three backpackers died in 2005. Paul Donaldson BUN050917BUCCA7

Man tells of horror at intersection

"I'VE seen human bodies that didn't look human.”

Bucca resident Casey Rose, lives just 100m down from the Rosedale Rd and Quinns Rd intersection and has been the first on scene from dozens of accidents, including the 2005 triple fatality.

Mr Rose said the sound of tyres screeching and cars colliding is has become all too familiar at that intersection.

"There's fresh skid marks there all the time,” he said.

"There's been quite a few crashes there, off the top of my head I can think of 10 in the last 15 years.

"I hear the noise and I run over to see what I can do - the one just the other day, I heard the smash and seen the car finish rolling and ran over to it. The car was still on, so I got the door open, turned it off and undid the ladies seat belt in case the car caught fire.

"She was concious and had blood all over her face. I didn't touch her in case of a spinal injury, but you don't need to be stuffing around with a seatbelt if the car catches fire.”

Mr Rose was also one of the first on the scene for the head-on crash which claimed the lives of three backpackers 12 years ago.

He said when he got to that crash, he seen it all, including bodies that didn't look human.

It's the continuous crashes on this intersection that has Mr Rose calling for the installation of rumble strips and turning/merging lanes.

"The latest one was an out-of-towner looking at his satnav and driving right through the Stop sign,” he said.

"But even locals have admitted to being caught off guard at this intersection - there's cane and rural land either side and then suddenly there's a highway.

"A lot of the time it's to do with people, but things like rumble strips and turning lanes will give people room to move out of the way at least.”

However, it's not just the drivers he's worried about, Mr Rose said people are driving on the footpath where children get picked up and dropped off from school to avoid the intersection.

"Not only is it illegal, but it's dangerous,” he said.

Mr Rose said the car in the last crash rolled directly towards the drop off point, had it been a different time of day there could have been chaos.

A spokesman for the Department of Transport and Main Roads said they have not received feedback in recent times about the Rosedale and Quinns roads intersection.

"When deciding where funding is spent, criteria such as through and turning traffic, the type of traffic, the condition of the road and safety record are all considered,” he said.

"Based on this criteria and other competing priorities, upgrading the Rosedale and Quinns roads intersection is not considered a high priority at this time.”

"Sight distance requirements are achieved in both directions. Intersection warning signage is also in place on Rosedale Road alerting motorists of the upcoming intersection. All movements from Quinns Road are controlled by 'Stop' signs.

"We will continue to monitor the intersection and consider it for upgrading in the future if it is warranted.”

The spokesman said to phone Policelink via 131 444 if drivers are not adhering to the road rules or undertaking unsafe actions.