Jamie Cockerill was so drunk he thought the phone was his.
Jamie Cockerill was so drunk he thought the phone was his. Pexels

Man says he was so drunk he thought stolen phone was his

A PUB patron was caught red-handed with a courtesy bus driver's phone when it rang from his back pocket, a court was told.

Jamie Craig Cockerill was so intoxicated he thought the mobile phone was his own.

That's what Cockerill told the court after he pleaded guilty to stealing in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

On July 13 about 8.35pm Cockerill arrived at the Agnes Water Tavern via the tavern's courtesy bus.

The court was told the driver got out of the bus before Cockerill.

Once the driver was out of the bus Cockerill picked up the driver's work phone in the centre console.

Cockerill went inside and continued to drink.

Once the courtesy bus driver realised the phone was missing the tavern manager was informed.

The court was told the manager approached Cockerill and asked him to "empty his pockets”.

The manager also called the phone, which rang from Cockerill's back pocket.

Police were called and Cockerill kept asking why police were involved.

Officers noted Cockerill was unsteady on his feet.

Police also checked CCTV footage to confirm it was Cockerill who took the phone from the bus.

The court was told Cockerill was only in the region for shutdown work and lived in Victoria.

The father, 49, told Magistrate Dennis Kinsella he was "very intoxicated” and thought it was his phone.

Cockerill, who had no previous criminal history, was fined $500, a conviction wasn't recorded.