PLEA: Zac Falkingham was sentenced on five charges.
PLEA: Zac Falkingham was sentenced on five charges. Contributed

Man punches stranger, hands himself in to police twice

A MAN who handed himself into police for the second time after punching a complete stranger has been warned he is almost certain to go to jail if he gets "off his face" again.

Zac Kyle Falkingham gave himself up to police at Maroochydore station on Sunday, in a bid to finalise five charges, some of which dated back to mid-2017.

In August, 2017, Falkingham had been spotted in Warana, appearing to be adversely affected by a substance, agitated, when he punched a colorbond fence and damaged it.

On Monday the Maroochydore Magistrates Court heard Falkingham tried to entice an altercation with people nearby, entering a property through the gated fence.

His actions made a woman lock herself in a car in fear, before Falkingham punched a man in the chest in the random yard.

He handed himself into police and then failed to appear in court.

Falkingham failed to appear in court again in May last year.

Duty lawyer Michael Robinson said Falkingham had been homeless and was living in a tent in bushland and had been unable to pay for a bus or train fare to come up from Redcliffe.

His tent had "died" in the rain a few weeks ago, "so he's completely homeless", Mr Robinson said.

He was able to organise a lift with a friend on Sunday, when he volunteered himself to police to finalise the matters.

Mr Robinson said Falkingham hadn't re-offended in 18 months and Magistrate Matthew McLaughlin said he had to be acknowledged for handing himself in twice.

Mr McLaughlin said it showed genuine effort, albeit belatedly, to have the matters finalised.

Falkingham had only just turned 19 at the time of the offences.

In sentencing, Mr McLaughlin told Falkingham it "sounds like you were off your head" when he punched the "complete stranger" who'd been minding his own business in the yard.

Mr McLaughlin described it as behaving like "an absolute lunatic" and warned Falkingham if he got "off his face again" and was violent it was "almost certain" he would face jail.

Mr McLaughlin discharged Falkingham on the two failure to appear charges, as acknowledgement of him handing himself in to police on two occasions.

He fined Falkingham $600 for the other three offences related to the wilful damage of the fence and the attack.

The court heard Falkingham's ability to pay the fines was limited as he had no income and received no Centrelink benefits as his mother had burnt all his identification documents.

Falkingham tried to get by working odd jobs when he could and was currently trying to get a birth certificate.

He was advised he had the option to work off his fines with the State Penalties Enforcement Registry if he was unable to pay the $600 fine.