A man pleaded guilty to wilful damage under unusual circumstances.
A man pleaded guilty to wilful damage under unusual circumstances. Contributed

Man jumps aboard moving ute in pursuit of stolen car keys

A GATTON man climbed into the tray of a moving ute after his keys were nabbed by the driver and locked inside her vehicle.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Molinaro said the driver of the ute took off westbound along Gatton-Helidon Rd, slowing down and speeding up, trying to get the man to jump off the tray.

Sgt Molinaro told the Gatton Magistrates Court the interaction began with a disagreement between the man and the driver.

"(The man) pleaded with the (driver) to stop the vehicle at the Helidon police station," Sgt Molinaro said.

"The request was either ignored or not heard by the (driver)."

The debacle ended with smashed glass, after the man broke the window of the ute in attempt to get his keys back.

Sgt Molinaro told Mr Davies a five-year domestic violence protection order was put in place after the incident.

Facing a charge of wilful damage, the defendant told Magistrate Robbie Davies there were two sides to the story.

"She had no right taking my keys," the defendant said.

"I'm actually in the process of putting in for a stealing charge against her for stealing my keys."

Sgt Molinaro told Mr Davies the driver of the ute had invited the man to an event but hadn't heard back from him.

After the event, she headed for the man's parents' house, angry.

"The aggrieved is not welcome at their house and therefore attempted to ring the respondent again from the end of the road," Sgt Molinaro said.

She was about to leave when she heard the defendant's car approaching.

"She was in an angry state after not hearing communication from the defendant," Sgt Molinaro said.

"As he slowed his vehicle beside hers, the aggrieved has opened the door of the vehicle and made a grab at the keys in the ignition of the vehicle."

Mr Davies told Sgt Molinaro he agreed there were two sides to the story.

"She's the one who grabbed the keys and she didn't stop... She could have stopped and he could have got off the back," Mr Davies said.

"He pleaded guilty but, I think in the context of things... From what I'm hearing, both parties are partly to blame."

Mr Davies fined the man $300 and recorded his conviction.