Man jailed after running red lights and crashing car

THINGS came to a crashing halt for a man in October when he crashed his car after running three red lights.

Matthew Henry Hughes pleaded guilty to eight offences, including dangerous operation of a vehicle.

On October 9, a pedestrian came close to being hit while crossing the road at the intersection of Walker and Takalvan streets after the car Hughes (pictured) was driving crashed into a car after running three red lights on the busy road.

His car hit one vehicle, which then hit another.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Dean Burgess told the court there were two other passengers in the vehicle at the time.

Hughes had a blood alcohol reading of 0.134 when tested after the incident and committed the offence while he was on parole.

“He had complete disregard for other people on the road, he put lives at risk,” Sgt Burgess said.

Hughes’ defence barrister Nick Larter told the court his client accepted criminal responsibility, saying Hughes had “been up against it since he was a boy” after having a rough upbringing.

The court heard Hughes was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia when he was 15.

Mr Larter said Hughes aspired to go back to working upon his release from prison.

Magistrate Andrew Moloney took into account Hughes’ guilty plea and his personal particulars. He said the offence as a “high degree of recklessness” and was “just short of deliberate dangerousness”.

“Takalvan St is one of the busiest roads in the city and at 5pm it had the potential to be a disaster,” he said.

Hughes was sentenced to a head sentence of nine months in jail to be served cumulatively on the sentence he was currently serving.

He also received lengthy licence disqualifications and will be eligible for parole on June 4 next year. 39 days of pre-sentence custody was declared as time already served.