DISORDERLY: Alex Croden went before court after his whirlybird lift at the Gin Gin Hotel.
DISORDERLY: Alex Croden went before court after his whirlybird lift at the Gin Gin Hotel. Ross Irby

Man in court after pretending to be a helicopter with friend

PILOT wannabe Alex Croden wanted his mate to take flight after the lads had a few beers beneath their wings so threw him up onto his shoulders then began spinning him like a helicopter.

Alas for the merry lads, their summer night spin went out of control when Croden failed to generate enough lift and quickly lost any altitude as the pair plummeted to the deck at the Gin Gin hotel.

There was no report of bumps or scrapes suffered by the two-man crew in the low-level aerial manoeuvre but Croden pleaded guilty before Bundaberg Magistrates Court to being drunk and disorderly at a licensed premises, and obstructing police.

Police prosecutor Dean Burgess said the offences happened on Friday, January 20, when Croden, 23, picked up another male then proceeded to "spin him like a helicopter”.

Sgt Burgess said they fell heavily.

Croden had been swearing and then obstructed police who had watched him fall over when he lost his balance.

Officers told them both to go home but, although his friend left, Croden had replied "don't f***ing tell me what to do”.

Sgt Burgess said Croden had crossed the road near the hotel and started arguing with the other male, and became belligerent toward police.

Croden did not do what officers told him and on the way to the police car and fell to the ground and would not get up.

"He was just being a bit of a dill,” Sgt Burgess said.

When magistrate Neil Lavaring inquired who the other male was (the blades of the whirly-bird), Croden said: "One of my good mates.”

Duty lawyer Mat Maloy said Croden was a farmhand, and the incident was out of character with no prior offences.

"He just had too much to drink and behaved inappropriately,” Mr Maloy said. He asked that no conviction be recorded.

Mr Lavaring fined Croden $750 and did not record a conviction, saying he was on a night out that "got a bit out of control”.