Murder at units on Cambridge St, Granville - Alan Bachmann friend of the deceased man.
Murder at units on Cambridge St, Granville - Alan Bachmann friend of the deceased man. Alistair Brightman

Man finds friend lying in pool of blood at Granville units

A GRANVILLE man has described the moment he found his friend lying in a pool of blood at a block of units in Cambridge St on Sunday.

Alan Bachmann and a concerned neighbour went to check on Darren Ints on Sunday after he didn't respond to a message.

He told the Chronicle on Monday that when they arrived and found blood on the door, they kicked it down and rushed to Darren's aid.

"We went in there and there was blood everywhere," Alan said

"We tried CPR but he was long gone."

Alan had been friends with Darren for years.

After suffering two heart attacks, Alan  had become reliant on his friend.

Darren would keep his mate's house clean, make coffee and go to the shops.

"He was a good friend, a really gentle guy," Alan said

"He was mad keen on music. He was a top guy who would do anything for you.

"He's going to be sorely missed."

Before the sad discovery of Darren's body, Alan had sent him a text asking if he wanted to share a cup of coffee.

He couldn't have known his mate was dying just metres away.

"It was devastating, so senseless," Alan said.

"He was just a guy sitting in his own bloody living room.

"You have a right to feel safe in your own home, surely."

A keen DJ, Darren was always calling Alan over to listen to music he'd recently remixed.

"He loved his music," he said.

"He had a genuine talent for DJing."

Already suffering from post-traumatic stress, Alan said he was numb in the wake of his friend's death.

"It's just such a waste, and so preventable, that's what really sticks in your gut."

Another of Darren's acquaintances, Angie Halson, told the Chronicle he had been a special person to everyone at the units.

She was raising funds for a memorial to be held in his honour.

"He was just a caring, wonderful person," she said.

"What happened to him is just devastating."

A 22-year-old man faced court on Monday charged with murder over the alleged stabbing.