The police said to me: ‘This is your luckiest day’.’’
The police said to me: ‘This is your luckiest day’.’’

Man finds $10,000 cash, then hands it back

IF YOU found $10,000 in crisp new $100 notes, would you hand it back?

Brisbane gallery manager Frederik Berjot and a local business owner did, and neither the police nor the young man who lost the money can believe it.

The saga began on Thursday last week when Lucas Wells, 20, stopped to take a photo of an eye-catching sculpture out the front of Mr Berjot's Urban Paradise Gallery in Woolloongabba.

Mr Wells had just borrowed the money for a car buying business and was on his way to pick up a carrier to tow his first car.

"It wasn't even my money to lose. I had taken out a loan the day before to buy and sell cars,'' he said.

"I stopped to take the photo and the envelope with the money must have fallen out.

"I had it in my pocket because I didn't want to leave the money in the car.''

When he realised the cash was gone he drove back to the gallery and asked Mr Berjot if it had been handed in.

"I thought there might be a chance, if it turned up in the first hour,'' he said.

"When I got a call about 6.30 that night from the police to say it had been handed in I couldn't believe it.

"I was so relieved and surprised. The police said to me: 'This is your luckiest day'.''

Mr Berjot said as soon as the budding entrepreneur came in he realised he was an honest, hardworking young man and decided he had to do what he could to help.

He asked everyone who came by that day if they had seen it and, eventually, a local businessman came in and confirmed he had found the envelope.

"A lot of people park here because they see the sculpture and stop here to take photos,'' Mr Berjot said.

"There was no name or anything on the envelope so there was no way of knowing whose it was, but I took it into Dutton Park police.

"I told Lucas he had to report the money was missing to the police straight away.''

Mr Lucas has vowed to be more careful with his cash in future.