A man has been denied bail after allegedly pulling down the pants of his stepdaughter.
A man has been denied bail after allegedly pulling down the pants of his stepdaughter.

Man denies allegations of indecently treating stepdaughter

A MAN has been denied bail for allegedly pulling down the pants of his young stepdaughter.

The man, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the child, fronted Bundaberg Magistrates Court to apply for bail for his charge of indecent treatment of a child under 12.

Police Prosecutor Sergeant Grant Klaassen opposed the bail application.

Defence lawyer Craig Ryan said the allegations made by the child were false and he suggested family tension led to the accusation.

"They had agreed, just before this incident is alleged to have occurred, to separate," Mr Ryan said.

"There had been ongoing arguments between them, and these arguments had been in front of the children on many occasions involving the child who has made the allegations."

Mr Ryan said his client informed him the night of the allegations he was checking on another child's bloody nose and suggested the child who made the accusations move into the living room as there was no aircon in the bedroom.

"He denies it complicity and has made a full statement to police outlying his version of what occurred that night."

"In almost every respect it coincides with the allegations made … except for the allegations of pulling the pants down and lifting up the shirt."

Mr Ryan said his client was on bail for a charge which "revolves around an incident at a nightclub where he is alleged to have had sex with a woman in a toilet block and she has denied it was consensual".

When sentencing, Magistrate Andrew Moloney said, "your lawyer says that the evidence with respect to both matters is weak and he bases his application on the strength of the evidence".

"They are different types of offending in terms of the ages of the complainants and the conduct, yet they were both offences of a sexual nature.

"The concern is whether you would commit further offences."

Mr Moloney said he had not shown cause why his further detention was not justified and bail was denied, he will next appear on March 12.