The man participated in a breath test where he allegedly blew a reading of 0.40.
The man participated in a breath test where he allegedly blew a reading of 0.40.

Man denied bail after alleged “serious” DV incident

A man has been refused bail after he allegedly threatened to burn down his partner's home in an act of alleged domestic violence.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, appeared in Bundaberg Magistrates Court on Friday by videolink from the Bundaberg Watch House.

He is facing a number of offences include two counts of aggravated domestic violence order breaches.

The man made an application for bail which was opposed by the prosecution.

The court heard the man was also charged with public nuisance after he allegedly started yelling and threatening witnesses.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Tina Bland told the court witnesses told police the man appeared heavily intoxicated at the time.

She said at the police station the man participated in a breath test where he allegedly blew a reading of 0.40.

The man was then taken to hospital until he could be cared for by the QPS.

Sen Const Bland told the court the man was currently on a suspended sentence and also had eight domestic violence order breaches in his criminal history.

Duty lawyer Mat Maloy told the court his client instructed him that the alleged domestic violence didn't happen.

He said he was told by the man that there was an argument and that he and the aggrieved were using ice.

Mr Maloy said he was also instructed that some of the alleged damage, such as damage to a mirror, was already pre-existing.

He said the man and his partner were in a relationship that "just does not work".

"In no world does this relationship work," he said.

Mr Maloy said his client was willing to abide by a number of conditions including living with his parents and having no contact with the aggrieved.

Magistrate Ross Woodford took into account the submissions from both the prosecution and Mr Maloy.

Mr Woodford also took into account the "serious nature" of the alleged offending which included allegations of physical violence, threats to burn down the house and the involvement of drugs and alcohol.

He also took into account the man's history which included several entries of failing to appear in court.

Mr Woodford found the man was an unacceptable risk the man would fail to appear, commit further offences and endanger the safety and welfare of the aggrieved and bail was refused.

The man was remanded in custody with the matter to be mentioned again next month.


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