APPALLING CONDUCT: A man has been ordered to complete probation after he committed DV offences in front of his children.
APPALLING CONDUCT: A man has been ordered to complete probation after he committed DV offences in front of his children.

Man's 'appalling' domestic violence in front of his kids

"YOU'RE going to have to do a lot of work to gain their trust back."

Are the words Bundaberg's Magistrate Andrew Moloney told a man who committed "appalling" domestic violence acts in front of his children.

The man pleaded guilty in Bundaberg Magistrate Court on Monday to three domestic violence offences including two DVO breaches and wilful damage.

He also pleaded guilty to breaching a bail condition.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Dean Burgess told the court on Sunday, police were called to a home at Kalkie after an altercation between the man and his partner, who is the aggrieved.

The court heard the aggrieved had invited the man and family members over for drinks to celebrate a new job, but things turned sour after they left.

The aggrieved, who was also intoxicated, was told by the man to have a shower.

The man checked the aggrieved's phone and saw a message and took it to her shoving it in her face and became "unreasonably angry and violent".

The man pulled the aggrieved out of the shower in front of their daughter before a physical altercation happened in front of the other children.

Sgt Burgess said one of the children tried pulling the man off their mother.

The man then left and later returned when the aggrieved was in bed with their young daughter.

Sgt Burgess said the man grabbed the end of the bed and repeatedly slammed it up and down causing the frame to break and the boards underneath to snap with the mattress falling while the aggrieved and their daughter were on the bed.

The man left again and was later found by police walking past the house heavily intoxicated.

When police arrived and spoke to the man's children, they were visibly upset and asked them to help their mum.

"The physical violence has to stop, and it has to stop now," he said.

Police were also called to the Burnett Riverside Hotel on July 18 after an argument between the man and the aggrieved was reported by a guest staying in the room next door to them.

The man's lawyer Rian Dwyer told the court his client was "embarrassed" and "devastated he acted like this in front of his kids".

Mr Dwyer said the man was remorseful for his actions and had recently reached out to get help with his anger management issues.

Mr Moloney took into account the man's plea of guilty and the fact the acts were committed in front of children.

"The damage that is done to young children when they witness domestic violence is throughout the science and literature of the states, which is why it is treated so seriously sir," he said.

"The conduct in front of your children towards the aggrieved is appalling - alcohol is not an excuse, if you can't drink alcohol don't drink. It's simple."

The man was ordered to complete 18 months probation with the condition he complete the men's change program or similar.