Chris Hyatt claims he was attacked at his Kirwan home on Saturday. Pic: Supplied
Chris Hyatt claims he was attacked at his Kirwan home on Saturday. Pic: Supplied

Man 'attacked in own home' during backyard brawl

BLOOD has been spilt in a suburban backyard during a violent weekend confrontation.

Disability pensioner Chris Hyatt claims he was attacked as three people tried to get into his home through the back door on Saturday afternoon.

The father of three says he pushed a man down the ramp at the back door of his Kittyhawk Cres home, which sparked a flurry of punches aimed at him.

Mr Hyatt said he fell to the ground after being hit, then went to get back up when a man threw his daughter's pushbike at him.

"There was about three of them. Two of them had baseball bats," Mr Hyatt claimed.

The 48-year-old said he went to the Kirwan police station to report the incident but lost his temper at the station and was arrested for public nuisance.

It's understood the other people contested Mr Hyatt's story and said he became aggressive and they defended themselves.

Mr Hyatt said he became frustrated at the police station when he learnt the same people may make a complaint against him.

"I don't fear anybody," Mr Hyatt said.

"I made a mistake, I've pushed him. As the police said, I should've called them … but I've got a wife and three small children under the age of nine.

"I don't know why they came over."

Mr Hyatt, who has diabetes, a heart problem and a mental health condition, said he suffered two black eyes, a bruised cheek and a cut on his forehead and had to go to hospital for treatment.

His partner, Kate Morell, said the incident had scared her and the kids and they were hoping to relocate to a new home as they were afraid of going outside.

Kirwan police officer in charge Senior Sergeant Jason Brosnan said police had attended an incident on the weekend and de-escalated the situation.

He said no official complaint had been made, but if police received one it would be fully investigated with all parties involved.