A man has avoided spending time in jail after contravening a domestic violence order eight times.
A man has avoided spending time in jail after contravening a domestic violence order eight times.

Man avoids jail after eight DV breaches

A MAN has avoided spending actual time in jail after he contravened a domestic violence order and avoided police.

The man, 38, pleaded guilty to eight counts of contravening a domestic violence order and a charge possessing a pipe or utensil that had been used.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Tina Bland told the court the DVO against the man included conditions including he was to be of good behaviour towards the aggrieved and he was not to go within 100m of where she lived without consent.

The breaches happened on eight different days between March 8 and 22.

On March 8 the man went to the aggrieved's house and tried to open the door.

When the man and the aggrieved's son approached the door, the man told him 'get your stuff mate, you're coming with me'.

The aggrieved told the man no when the man said to her "if you don't unlock the door, I will pull you through it and you can't stop me seeing my kids".

The aggrieved said she wasn't stopping him from seeing them and the man continued to verbally abuse her.

The woman then called the police.

There were seven other breaches of the order during the 15 day time period, including one where the man had left a note for the aggrieved inside the house when he did not have permission to go in there.

On another occasion the aggrieved found the man sleeping on a couch in the shed.

After each of the breaches police tried to locate the man but it seemed he was actively avoiding them.

Police eventually found the man on Thursday (March 26) hiding in a Bundaberg residence under a bed.

Sen Const. Bland said the man made full admissions to police about the offences during an interview with police.

She described the offences as "persistent" and "alarming".

The man appeared in the courtroom via videolink from the Bundaberg Watch House and was represented by lawyer Rian Dwyer.

Mr Dwyer told the court his client needed supervision and submitted that imprisonment with parole was in range.

He said his client accepted his behaviour towards the aggrieved was bad and that no actual violence was used in the breaches.

Mr Dwyer said his client instructed that he was no longer using drugs.

He said his client also in the past had completed a 16 week domestic violence course and was invited to go back and do it again.

Magistrate Andrew Moloney said the aggrieved gave the man the opportunity to have a meaningful relationship with his children.

"He has abused that effort, he has abused her verbally, he has abused the trust she's given him and he's committed acts of domestic violence in front of children," he said.

"The affect of domestic violence in front of children is well known in all the literature and it is highly detrimental to a child's development as a person.

"The eight-year-old son has heard terrible things about his mother blaming her, degrading her, accusing her."

For the first four contravene DV charges and the possession of the pipe the man was ordered to three years' probation.

For the rest of the charges he received a sentence of nine months imprisonment with immediate parole.