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Man accused of punching woman says he was going for a cuddle

A 42-YEAR-old man who says the "punch" he inflicted on a woman was an accident has been denied bail.

On Wednesday the Bundaberg Magistrates Court heard the man, charged with one count of aggravated contravention of a domestic violence order, disagreed with prosecution's facts.

Defence lawyer Mary Buchanan said her client believed the incident, which police allege involved him punching the aggrieved in the nose, was a "misunderstanding".

"He went to hug the aggrieved, she moved suddenly and he accidentally, single-handedly slapped her face," she said.

"He says it was an accident and he didn't punch her.

"He wishes to contest the facts."

Ms Buchanan said if the man was granted bail, he proposed living at his brother's Bundaberg home.

But Magistrate Belinda Merrin said she had seen photos showing the aggrieved's injuries and bloodied shirt and noted the different version of events.

"He says he didn't punch her causing her nose to bleed but accidentally open handedly slapped her face," she said.

The court heard the defendant had appeared infront of the Hervey Bay Magistrates Court six months earlier for the contravention of a police protection notice.

He was on bail for this offence at the time the most recent charge was laid.

In 2005, the man served a term of imprisonment after kicking and punching a different aggrieved.

"I have no confidence the defendant would comply with bail conditions," Ms Merrin said.

"A term of imprisonment (for this breach) is extremely likely."

Bail was refused. The man's case will next be mentioned on July 19.