‘Makes me sick’: Fans turn on Bach fave


When a tearful Ciarran Stott regretfully told Angie Kent he was withdrawing from The Bachelorette last year, we really felt for him.

Here was a man - an attractive, playful, charismatic British larrikin, no less - who had been forced to make the heartbreaking decision to forgo his shot at love after the death of his grandmother.

A gaping hole was left in our hearts - and that particular Bachelorette season.


Fast-forward just a few months and Ciarran has shot to the top of the franchise's "villain" list with a questionable re-emergence on the spin-off series, Bachelor in Paradise.

Doubt was cast over the initial excitement at his casting during the first few episodes, when he was seen to be pursuing a number of girls at once - Cass Mamone, Abbie Chatfield and Jessica Brody.

He made quite an entrance.
He made quite an entrance.

Eyebrows were raised even higher when his ex-girlfriend, fellow Bachelor alum Renee Barrett, showed up on the Fijian island and told everyone he'd actually left The Bachelorette - and Angie - in order to be with her.

But the final nail in the coffin for viewers seems to have been hammered in on Sunday night, when a carefree Ciarran was seen hopping into bed with his ex while his current flame, Jess, was wrapped around a toilet bowl with a severe case of gastro.

The sly move didn't go down well with fans on Twitter.

Another user tweeted: "Biggest clown move by me was loving Ciarran on Angie's season only to find out he's a d**k head and makes me feel sick."

And with so many of Ciarran's messy love stories playing out on the show at the moment - the drama is certainly far from over.

Bachelor in Paradise continues tonight 7.30pm on Ten

Originally published as 'Makes me sick': Fans turn on Bach fave