Magistrate’s grim warning to drink driver

A MAGISTRATE has heard the heartbreaking circumstances that caused a woman’s life to spiral out of control.

Kathryn Nicole Shears pleaded guilty to three charges, including driving under the influence of liquor, in Bundaberg Magistrates Court yesterday.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Dean Burgess told the court that when police were conducting patrols in Bargara on November 12, at 11.10pm they saw Shears sitting with her head in her hands on the steering wheel in a car parked at the esplanade.

Shears told officers she had consumed a bottle and a half of wine.

She agreed to a breath test and blew a blood alcohol content reading of 0.238.

Just days after the incident, police were conducting patrols on Woongarra Scenic Drive, Bargara in the afternoon.

When intercepted, she told police her last drink was at nine o’clock that morning.

Sgt Burgess said officers could smell alcohol in the car.

The court was told Shears participated in another breath test and returned a reading of 0.246.

An emotional Shears told the  court  she was partici­pating in a rehabilitation program at a facility in Toowoomba.

She said she had not had a drink in 11-and-a-half weeks and had also sold her car.

Shears also told the court her relationship broke down because she couldn’t have children, and her mother had passed away six months ago.

Magistrate Andrew Moloney took into account Shears’ guilty plea and her remorse.

Mr Moloney also commended her for not having a drink in 11-and-a-half weeks.

He said it was important she continued her treatment.

“If you continue to drink like this you’ll kill yourself,” he said.

Mr Moloney also took into account how high the readings were from the breath tests.

Shears was disqualified from driving for a total of five years and sentenced to two years of probation.