Jessika Power has spoken out about her ‘disgusting’ behaviour on MAFS.
Jessika Power has spoken out about her ‘disgusting’ behaviour on MAFS.

Most hated wife admits regret over cheating scandal

MARRIED At First Sight star Jessika Power has spoken out about her "affair" scandal, admitting she wishes she'd approached the situation differently.

The Perth-based administration officer stunned viewers recently when she attempted to pick up Nic Jovanavic, another woman's "husband" on the show, before setting her sights on newcomer Dan Webb - who is "married to Tamara Joy.

Jessika - who's "married" to Mick Gould - and Dan took their affair to the next level at Wednesday night's dinner party, sneaking off to kiss behind their respective partners' backs.


Another affair has hit MAFS.
Another affair has hit MAFS.

Addressing the controversial situation on A Current Affair last night, Jessika admitted it had been hard to see her behaviour on TV.

"I watch myself and go, 'Oh my Jesus Christ!'" she explained, adding she wasn't proud of how she'd handled herself.

"I would take back my very aggressive, predatory, sexual behaviour towards Dan.

"I'm definitely sorry for what I've done to Mick. I definitely wish that I'd said something to him straight away. I wish I could've sat him down and even Tamara [Dan's wife]. I went completely against girl code."

However, Jessika also took a jab at farmer Mick and his laid-back approach to his personal appearance.

"I do want a guy next to me that looks good. I want a guy that I can take out and feel confident and people are looking at us. I like that," she said.

"I prefer a guy who looks after themselves and doesn't wear work boots to dinner parties.

"I definitely think Mick's perfect date is going out the back and having a can of VB. He's happy to get around with coffee stains on his shirt and food everywhere. How am I supposed to be attracted to that?"


The once-happy couple are now on the rocks.
The once-happy couple are now on the rocks.

Jessika has been the target of online trolls since first appearing on the show - a hate campaign that has increased significantly since the start of her cheating.

Fortunately, she doesn't appear to be letting it get to her.

"First it's my lips and then next thing you know I'm being slut-shamed. I don't read into it," she said.

"If people are going to label me 'Australia's most hated woman', fine … just do that. That's totally fine. That's your opinion, I'm not going to take that away from you."


Married At First Sight continues Sunday 7pm on Nine.