Resource Industry Network chair Tony Caruso says the Carmichael coal mine will offer up a lot of opportunities.
Resource Industry Network chair Tony Caruso says the Carmichael coal mine will offer up a lot of opportunities. Tony Martin

Mackay region big winner in Adani coal mine decision

THE opening of the Adani Carmichael Mine, and the Galilee Basin in general, will bring significant benefit to our region through the jobs it will provide in our existing engineering and heavy industrial sector and the economic flow on that will have to all allied industries.

Our region is working hard to ensure that it is best positioned to be a major supplier to the Galilee when it opens for business.

Highlighting our capability and capacity as well as our willingness to do business will drive investment, capital infrastructure and jobs.

I recently facilitated an Australia-India business networking event which highlighted the valuable relationship to be forged between our two countries and in particular through the coal mining sector.

Australia is perfectly positioned to supply India with our world class coal, helping to ease the poverty of 300million Indians.

By using this high quality coal in India's new generation power stations we are playing a part in lowering emissions worldwide.

If we don't open the Galilee Basin, India will source inferior quality coal elsewhere, damaging their ability to achieve lower emissions.

The networking event also highlighted how the Adani mine will draw a spotlight to the Mackay region and provide an important link to the Indian mining sector.

This link will open doors for our highly skilled local METS sector businesses to export their knowledge and expertise to India.

While two court cases have been dismissed against Adani recently, there are three more waiting to be heard. And with 'delay at any cost' seeming to be the tactic there could be more in the pipeline.

It is essential that we continue to work hard to overcome the perception that Queensland is not in favour of future investment in our resources sector to be sure our region doesn't miss out on the lucrative opportunities that will be available globally looking forward.

Queensland coal will play an important role in developing countries across the world in years to come.