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Man's math formula wins him $420k on Lotto

A CASINO man used a unique mathematical formula to win more than $400,000 in the Saturday Lotto draw.

The man, who wished to remain annonymous, shared his division one win with 10 other people across Australia, but he bolstered his win with another six small wins, his total prize $421,753.52.

When called about the win, the thrilled winner revealed his unique method of choosing numbers to a NSW Lotteries official.

"I do a little bit of mathematics and I use a mathematical formula to choose my numbers," he said.

"I heard on the radio years ago that some numbers come out more than others, so I have a spreadsheet that helps me even those out. It helps me spread the combination of numbers I choose.

"I had forgotten to check the numbers for last Wednesday's Lotto, so I just chose the numbers based on the data I did have.

"Turns out they were the bloody rights ones!"

When asked how he planned to spend his Lotto windfall, the man declared he already had several ideas on how to spend it.

"I'm really excited. I'm planning what to do with it," he said.

"I've got a shack on a farm and I'm going to pay that off. I'm going to get a ride-on lawn mower so I don't have to worry about mowing acres of land on a push mower.

"Then after that, I might buy myself a new car and get back into some hobbies."

When asked how he planned to celebrate the life-changing news, the Casino man revealed he was off to work.

"I'm actually on my way to work now and finish late so I don't think I'll be celebrating tonight.

"I'll have to go out tomorrow night for dinner with a mate to celebrate."

The winner purchased his entry from Higgins Newsagency in Casino.

Rosland Ward, owner of Higgins Newsagency, said she was ecstatic to have sold a division one winning entry.

"We were only talking about it the other day. We were saying we wish we would sell a winning Lotto." she said.

"It's the second one we have sold, but the last one was a few years ago now.

The six winning numbers in Saturday Lotto draw 3851 on Saturday June 16, 2018 were 26, 8, 22, 45, 2 and 12. The supplementary numbers were 1 and 38.