Long service leave should carry between jobs says review

WORKERS should be able to carry-over long service leave between jobs, a review of modern employment has recommended.

In it's report - The Case for a National Portable Service Leave Scheme, the McKell Institute found the majority of Australian workers are missing out on long service leave because only one in four employees stays with the same employer for more than a decade.

Report author Professor Ray Markey said while LSL was a popular mainstay of the nation's workforce for most of the 20th century, economic reforms meant many workers were now missing out.

He said despite greater job fluidity meant Australians today were working longer in their lifetimes than ever before and could use LSL more than ever.

"A special two-month leave period every decade could allow people to take a breath, refresh themselves, connect with their relatives, volunteer in their communities or improve their homes," Prof Markey said

"This would have an overall positive effect on our economy and more importantly, out society as a whole."

The report recommended LSL be changed to Accrued Employment Leave.

Prof Markey said the key finding was to not allow leave to be an "unintentional victim" of a modern economy which had made workers wealthier but time poor.

"Recent surveys show that most Australians would prefer extra leave than an equivalent pay rise," he said

"This report finds that the introduction of an Accrued Employment Leave scheme might be an excellent way to achieve this."