OPINION: LOL gives way to telling porky pies

I MUST strive harder to act my internet age and use full sentences.

I've allowed commonly used abbreviations to creep into my emails and I must stop before it is too late.

The trouble with using email abbreviations is that you are quite often telling a porky pie (lie).

Just the other day I ended an email with LOL (laugh out loud).

Trouble was, I hadn't actually laughed out loud in response to that person's message. It was more like a slight smirk rather than a hearty laugh.

It's the thin edge of the edge for me.

I'm worried now that I may use ROFLOL (rolling on the floor laughing out loud) pretty soon.

That's just plain silly. I mean when has anyone who has ever used that particular abbreviation ever actually rolled on the floor laughing?

I can answer that. No-one. Ever.

I've been sorely tempted once or twice to type BRB (be right back) fully knowing that I mean to take my time and won't be back on the computer any time soon.

IMO (in my opinion), IDK (I don't know), but I would much rather talk to someone F2F (face to face).

FYI (for your information) communicating with someone IRL (in real life) is the WTG (way to go).

That way you can tell them to HAND (have a nice nice day) and DBA (do business as) professional people should.

BTW (by the way) NN2R (no need to reply) to this opinion piece because I will CUL (see you later).