Lockdown luxury all just an illusion

JUDGING by the criticisms, few realise the reality of hotel quarantine beyond what social media tells them.

Photos of Aussies draped in hotel robes while sipping wine projects an image of luxury amid mandatory isolation. But as always, when it comes to social media, these images are only telling you half the story.

What's absent is footage of that used glass of red getting rinsed in the bathroom sink, along with clothes and other dirty dishes, because they've been denied housekeeping or cleaning products during their stay.

Also missing are the fun selfies of smokers forced to go cold turkey given these five-star hotels don't have opening windows. I eagerly anticipate those Snapchat videos of daring escapes to the rooftop for a few precious puffs before getting tackled by security and sent to jail.

I reckon the real challenge for social media influencers in isolation is photographing the food given hotel room service doesn't exist for these potentially contagious convicts. How will they make those miserable protein-free containers of food delivered by the same company that serve prison meals look Instagram-worthy? Perhaps they could market these meals as the perfect way to lose that holiday weight followed by the hashtag #FoodAllergiesDontExistInQuarantine?

For elderly prisoners sitting alone in a hotel room without access to a mobile phone or the internet, they'll jhave to stick with the grim reality of incarceration while everyone else pretends to live in temporary luxury.