Readers have opened up about their discrimination concerns.
Readers have opened up about their discrimination concerns.

Locals share their number one discrimination concern

AFTER a recent survey showing that discrimination was the biggest concern for young people - second only to coronavirus - we polled readers on the types of discrimination they believe are most prevalent in the region.

While gender, age and political beliefs all scored a mention, the top place went to discrimination over appearance.

A total of 23 per cent of votes in the poll agreed that appearance had been the biggest form of discrimination experienced.

Gender and age received 19 per cent of votes each, while race, political beliefs and mental health all received 9 per cent.

In Facebook discussions, NewsMail readers shared their thoughts.

Trudy Rochelle Horton said most forms of discrimination were getting worse.

"No one will talk about mental health and the more aged a person the more disadvantaged in the community," she said.

Jessica Woodward said she believed age was a form of discrimination in looking for work, while Bec RJ Miles said gay people had a tough time.

"Homophobic hell hole. Understanding of those with mental illnesses isn't much better. Absolutely a disadvantage," she said.

Sam Jensen said gender identity was often seen with a closed mind.

In the NewsMail poll, 4 per cent of people said they had been discriminated against because of disability, and 4 per cent because of religion.