Northern Rivers photographer Steve Axford captures local fungi on still photography and video.
Northern Rivers photographer Steve Axford captures local fungi on still photography and video.

Local wildlife featured in tonight's Planet Earth 2 episode

BOOYONG photographer Steve Axford's luminous fungi footage features in Sir David Attenborough's hit TV series Planet Earth 2 tonight.

The nature documentary produced by the BBC is presented and narrated by Sir David Attenborough and a sequel to the highly successful 2006 Planet Earth series.

The first episode of Planet Earth 2 was the most watched natural history program in more than 15 years when it was broadcast in the UK, drawing in 9.2 million viewers to BBC1 in November last year.

Tonight's episode, titled Jungles, offers viewers an insight on the humid and active ecosystem.

Mr Axford said he was happy to finally have the time lapse videos he shot specially for Attenborough's documentary shown in Australia.

The shots are about a minute and 20 seconds long, and took days to more than a week to record.


"You never expect David Attenborough to do the voice over for any of your videos, and I have been waiting for it to come out for quite a long time," he said.

"I am relieved (more) than anything else, because it opens up the time lapses so I can start spreading them around elsewhere.

"What I want to do is show people what is out there so they start looking.

"The Planet Earth (series), while it's not explaining it, it's dragging people in. Millions of people have watched it, and lots of them get very enthused by it and go out and start looking at nature a bit more."

Mr Axford said it was the first time any "significant fungi" had been featured in one of Attenborough's programs.

"It's really good, because fungi is becoming more well known and more people are starting to realise that these things are out there that are as big as plants and animals," he said.

Mr Axford is now in contact with Australian producers for an upcoming National Geographic documentary on fungi, plus other possible projects for other networks.

You can see more of Mr Axford's photographic work in his website.

Jungles airs tonight on Channel 9/NBN at 7.30pm.