Getting in the sling of things

Local innovation to aid in patients’ recovery

A LOCAL woman has invented, designed and manufactured a new vertical sling in Bundaberg that is set to make patients’ recovery better than before.

The vertical arm sling is used after operations such as carpal tunnel surgery to reduce swelling, however, current practices require nurses to make one out of pillowcases taking up valuable time.

After six months of designing and numerous applications for patenting Emergency Nurse Anne Marie Ebokolo-Jecop has her final prototype for the disposable gallow sling.

Ms Ebokolo-Jecop said after tossing up the idea for a long time she decided to put words into action to help nurses and patients.

“My first intention was to help us, I know my colleagues and we really get so busy so it’s hard to have time to make the slings and then second to help the patients as well,” she said.

“When we do make one patients complain about it or don’t use it because it isn’t comfortable.

“I want to make sure it is comfortable and their recovery is quick, particularly come surgery when we have to put them in the gallow sling strategy.”

Ms Ebokolo-Jecop said her sling stands out from the rest because it is comfortable, stable, has pockets for icepacks to reduce swelling, and is colourful.

“It is colourful and not boring, the colours are vibrant and I believe that the sling will make a difference in the recovery for the patients as the features help with swelling and promote healing.”

Ms Ebokolo-Jecop said if her sling gained momentum she had plans lined up to continue manufacturing in Bundaberg.

“I have spoken to the neighbourhood centre ladies and been to their workshop, they don’t speak enlish but sew so they are willing to give me a hand with making more and are happy to join in.”

Ms Ebokolo-Jecop will pitch her product to Bundaberg Hospital today with the hopes that they will take the disposable sling on board.