Local dragonflies get their own stamp

THREE dragonflies that can be found in the Bundaberg region are being celebrated with a new series of postage stamps.

The stamp issue profiles colourful male members of the two suborders: the Australian tiger, jewel flutterer, beautiful petaltail and scarlet percher dragonflies; and a damselfly, the Arrowhead Rockmaster.

The tiger, percher and rockmaster live in an area that includes Bundy.

The release of the Dragonflies: Nature's Flying Machines series coincides with Australia Post's annual Stamp Collecting Month.

Dragonfly expert Professor Gunther Theischinger said the dragonfly was a remarkable creature.

"Dragonflies mainly inhabit areas near still or running freshwater sources, with their presence signaling the health of the local ecosystem.”

The stamps are available at participating post offices, by calling 1800 331 794 or at auspost.com.au/stamps.